While working in Hollywood, Pearson optioned and adapted the novels Open Water, The Sunday Macaroni Club, The Jukebox Queen of Malta, Gypsy Hearts, and Scavenger Reef, attaching such talened directors as Kevin Hooks, Fraser Heston, Mark Lester, Diane Ladd, and Jorge Ramirez-Suarex.

Pearson's script for The Sunday Macaroni Club was a Quarter-Finalist in the 2004 Zoetrope Screenwriting Competition and The Flirting Game was selected as a Finalist in the Fourth Screenplay Search Competition. 

Pearson also adapted his novel What Happens in Macau, Never Happened and penned the original script Machiavelli, which follows the infamous writer as he fights to keep his Florence free from the clutches of Cesare Borgia.