"You're a very lucky man, Mr. Wilson. Someone hired a hitman to kill you. That hitman hired a second hitman at half his price, who hired a third hitman at half his price, who then hired a fourth hitman. That guy felt so slighted by the lowball offer, he reported the conspiracy to the Zhuhai police, who contacted me since you're a Macau resident right now." - Detective Fonseca

"Remain a moralist all you want but expect life’s great opportunities to pass you by if you do. And remember China’s been stealing from us since we let them into the WTO, so why shouldn’t we steal a little back?” - Cyrus Wilson

I’ll make sure his funeral is well-attended – I’ll send some strippers.” - Cash Cheang

It’s not ‘dick ball’ it’s ‘t’sick ball’, which means ‘Live streaming’, ‘Mao sa’ means ‘murder.’ Someone working for Cash just live-streamed a murder on WeChat.” - Vivian Wu

“Macau – only place in the world where you can go to jail based on evidence from a fictional movie.” - Cash Cheang

"You know, this airport has a macabre claim to fame. Only airport in the world named after someone murdered on its tarmac." - Cyrus Wilson

"You remind me of that joke about vampires – ‘Why are vampires massive sociopaths? Because they have zero capability of self-reflection.’  - Stephen Wilson


“And I’m not the Hong Kong police. I won’t drag you out of your very fine, two-bedroom apartment in one of Macau’s finest residencies and toss you in jail or throw you off the balcony, as many of my Hong Kong colleagues have been accused of doing to some of those poor, confused protestors.” - Detective Fonseca

"How do you walk out of a casino with a small fortune? You walk in with a big one. How do you walk out of Macau with a soul intact? You never enter.” - Stephen Wilson